WCA Youth Program

The WCA Youth Program Includes 5 Phases

#1 - Firearms / Hunter Safety

Participants are required to complete an approved firearms and hunter safety course. The course sponsor could be any governmental agency, school, club, or private organization. Advance course approval by the Youth Program Director is required.

#2 - Marksmanship

Participants will learn and practice correct shooting techniques and demonstrate their skills by completing a specified course of fire with a standard .22 caliber rimfire rifle. No special equipment is needed.

#3 - Field Hunting / Shooting Participation

Successful completion requires participation in a field hunting and / or shooting outing under supervision of their adult sponsor. The participant must demonstrate safe and responsible shooting and hunting techniques in order to complete this phase.

#4 - Conservation Project

Participation in a wildlife or habitat conservation project, either as a stand-alone project or with an existing organization, will constitute successful completion of this phase. Advance project approval by the Youth Program Director is required.

#5 - Essay

Participating youth will complete a 500+ word essay, describing the role of sport hunting in maintaining the ecological balance of wildlife and habitat, through sustainable use of our natural resources.

Participants who successfully complete all 5 phases of the WCA Youth Program will receive a certificate of achievement, and will be eligible for awards sponsored by the Weatherby Collector's Association